Welcome to Aura Games, we’re an independent games development company based in Portsmouth (in the south of the United Kingdom). Our focus is on providing retro, complex puzzle based platform games, which all share rich and immersive storylines from the same universe – we call this our ‘one universe’ mechanism, and is the reason behind our tag line “the story never ends”.

Back in the dark ages before indie friendly distribution platforms like steam and xbox live arcade, the idea of individual developers starting their own development companies was almost unheard of. Today the age of the indie developer is upon us, and daring programmers have access to the platforms that allow them to send their games to the masses without having to rely on heavy financial support from external investors (though we wouldn’t turn this down!). Today indie games such as Minecraft, FTL and Fez have stirred up the same, if not more, excitement than their “industrialised” counterparts.

Why start an indie company? Largely because we have a story to tell, and it seemed unlikely that we would be able to walk into an established game company and just say “make this for us. Thanks.”. We also love playing video games and have always liked the idea of one day producing our own, so for this reason, and also for the challenge, our founders James and Richard Burnham started Aura Games in 2014.

So check out the rest of our website, meet the team, our development blog and descend into the darkness of our first game, The Revenant. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates on our progress.

Welcome, to Aura Games.