James Burnham

James is the lead programmer at AG and heads up the games production element of the company (he’s a pretty big deal for AG). James is responsible for all of the coding that allows AG’s games to function, as well as being responsible for developing our websites and administering our internal networks.

Alongside Aura Games James is a full time .Net developer and enjoys gaming in his personal time. He is mainly a fan of horror and RPG based games and counts Skyrim, the Fallout series and Alien: Isolation amongst some of his favourite games. James’ indie developer persona was born from his enjoyment of indie-games Terraria and Minecraft.

Richard Burnham

Richard is the Managing Director of AG and is responsible for the administration and marketing of the company, as well as providing the graphic content for the games, level design and writing the storylines for each game.

His favourite games include Halo 3, Pokemon and Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (being the first game he played). Richard is also a big fan of indie-games and FTL: Faster Than Light has claimed many hours of his life. Richard is also a solicitor.