The Universe

At Aura Games every game we produces takes place inside of a single universe. Events in one game that may seemingly be unconnected to a later one may impact upon events later, and characters who appear in one game may turn up in another. Whenever we release information about a new title we’ll update our timeline, which details the initial points in time within the AG universe in which the games take place.

As a testament to our one universe concept, we have already development a large amount of the story for our second game, The Requiem Network. The Requiem Network takes place in 3025AD during Earth’s technological golden age and focuses on the maiden voyage of Earth’s first faster than light exploration ship, and what it finds at its destination on that journey. Expect more updates on The Requiem Network after we’ve published The Matter King.

50(50)(50)(10) AD

The Matter King

The stars are dying; the universe has been quiet for a long time.

But in deep space a seemingly impossible cluster of stars remains, orbiting an artificial behemoth that has been dormant for eons.

Something equally impossible has awakened it from its slumber.

3025 AD

The Requiem Network

The Earthen Empire is experiencing a golden age, and with it the creation of their first ‘titan drive’, propelling their exploration ships to faster than light speeds.

With the universe at their fingertips, humanity launches a second exploration to investigate a seemingly alien signal in a distant star cluster.

What they find at the signal’s source changes humanity’s understanding of the universe forever.