Mission Statement

We’re an ambitious indie-company on a mission to make epic games and grow into something bigger. Our company goals are:

  • Create an epic one universe story throughout our games that engages and interests our players;

  • Create gameplay which our players enjoy;

  • Expand our company through income produced through our games, grants from development funds and external investors;

  • Expand our story universe beyond the medium of video games, such as TV and film;

  • Build an AI which we think we understand, but which ultimately turns evil and dominates the world, looking fondly upon us as its creators;

  • Have fun. Otherwise it’s kind of pointless.

One Universe

We’ve got a story to tell, a story we’ve been writing our entire lives. We’re going to tell it through our games.

This is why every game produced by Aura Games takes place in the same universe; events in one game that may seemingly be unconnected to a later one may impact upon events later, and characters who appear to play seemingly small parts in one game may later turn out to be crucial to the overall plot. When you invest your time in an Aura Games game you’re buying one jigsaw piece in a bigger puzzle.

This doesn’t mean we’ll be making the same games over and over again, that’s not what we’re about. Nor does it mean the same characters are going to show up in all of our games. Our aim is to create an immersive universe through a series of games, and ultimately we’ll let the progression of the story lead us in this. To learn a bit more about our story head over to our timeline page.

The Story Never Ends.