Stormy Skies - June/July Sprint

7/31/18 6:01:00 PM
Hey AG fans! The cycle of back to back monthly blogs has been broken. To be honest, it was getting weird routinely updating our dev blog. What have we been upto? Mostly creating level assets! We did get a bit distracted by the world cup and sunny weather, but fortunately dark skies have returned to the UK - hence the stormy cover photo for this blog! Levels 7, 8 and 9 We’ve been finalisin...
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Hey AG fans! It’s been a big month of graphic production for us, so plenty for us to show off! Time Travel! We've implemented the requiem jump pads, that permit travel between time zones (the levels), with some pretty hardcore effects. Just jump on the jump pad, hold Y and boom, you’re instantly transported to a new time zone without the need for a delorean and a flux capacitor ...
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All The Levels - April Sprint

5/3/18 6:56:00 PM
Hey AG fans! This month has been a mixture of level designing, giving our enemies artificial intelligence and a little bit of in game music! Level 3, 4 and 5 We're racing ahead with level designs this month with levels 3, 4 and 5 being constructed last month. All of our levels are designed to have their own subtly unique dynamic. Level 3 is our “industrial zone”, and contains a ...
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March Sprint

3/20/18 7:55:00 PM
Hey AG fans! We've had a pretty productive month here at AG towers. We've moved to a strict monthly sprint structure, so to be as transparent as we can our development blogs will focus on what we developed during the month as well as what we plan to include in our sprint for the next month. This month we've been working on ourweapon classes, level designs and the 'AI'behind ...
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