Hey AG fans! Check out the latest episode of Lawvel 101 here! Today we’re discussing, copyright, and what game assets are protected by it!
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Hey AG fans! Fan games are an amazing homage to an existing game universe created by extremely loyal fans over long periods of time. So why do the owners of the intellectual property behind these games not always approve? Fan Game Takedown! looks at the legal position behind fan games, why they don't always succeed, and how to go about making a fan game legally.
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The Indie Lawyer

11/30/2019 00:00:00
Hey AG fans! We're kicking off a slightly different project today, a series of legal 101's for game developers (specifically indies) via our channel The Indie Lawyer. We've learned a lot of our gamedev knowledge from the amazing developer community and we want to give something back! Law is boring, game development isn’t.
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Stormy Skies - June/July Sprint

07/31/2018 00:00:00
Hey AG fans! The cycle of back to back monthly blogs has been broken. To be honest, it was getting weird routinely updating our dev blog. What have we been upto? Mostly creating level assets! We did get a bit distracted by the world cup and sunny weather, but fortunately dark skies have returned to the UK - hence the stormy cover photo for this blog!
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