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We’re an independent games development studio based in Portsmouth, UK. Our motto is “the story never ends", because at Aura Games our primary focus when creating our games is one epic story across all of our games. We operate a one universe concept; all of our games take place in a single universe. This means that events in one game can bleed into other, and your actions in one game can affect events in seemingly unconnected games.

We’re currently developing The Requiem Network, a 2D sci-fi time travelling platformer set across 11 different time periods. For more information check our games page and our development blog!


The Requiem Network


Latest News

Lucid Lockdown - May Sprint

5/27/20 6:00:00 PM
What’s happening AG fans? We hope lockdown isn’t causing you too much of a headache and we hope you’ve been taking full advantage of all the awesome video games on sale right now! Anyway, onto a progress update! New Look We’ve been using lockdown to implement something necessary but painful; Unity’s new 2D render pipeline. At the cost of many developer’s sani...
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Hey AG fans! We’re taking part in UKIE’s (the association for UK interactive entertainment) Game Showcase on the 3-4 June 2020! It’ll be one of the first public outings for The Requiem Network’s new look, together with a general update from our MD Richard Burnham about the game and our studio plans in the future. There will also be some other awesome games on the showcas...
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Check Out Our SoundCloud

5/2/20 10:49:00 AM
Hey AG fans! Our awesome composer Cai Joneshas been working on some of the soundtracks for the game, which we’ve uploaded to our Soundcloud. Let us know what you think of the first set of tracks! Now there’s nothing holding us back from creating a viral tweet and linking our Soundcloud beneath it… The AG Team
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