What’s happening AG fans? We hope lockdown isn’t causing you too much of a headache and we hope you’ve been taking full advantage of all the awesome video games on sale right now!

Anyway, onto a progress update!

New Look

We’ve been using lockdown to implement something necessary but painful; Unity’s new 2D render pipeline. At the cost of many developer’s sanity, we now have it up and running, enabling us to have a more streamlined 2D lighting system and also to make our 2D game world have a nuanced 3D feel to it (at the cost of many artist’s sanity). You can check out the progress on our Twitter page but we’re pretty pleased with the results to date. We appreciate the support we’ve been getting on our Twitter and Instagram pages during #screenshotsaturday!

You can also see the Requiem Network in action at the UKIE Game Showcase on the 3-4 June 2020! It’ll be one of the first public outings for The Requiem Network’s new look, together with a general update from our MD Richard Burnham about the game and our studio plans in the future. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/navigating-the-now-preparing-for-the-new-normal-ukie-game-showcase-tickets-104419772350

Other Updates

The other progress updates are less sexy but essential. We’ve been working on the game’s performance and script mostly, having adapted the storyline quite significantly – it’s now more streamlined and heart-breaking (apologies in advance). We’ve fleshed out the progress/powerup tree as well and have aligned it nicely with our levels to give you that Metroidvania style feeling that we’ve been working towards.

We’ve also been working on our Citadel level, which is a waypoint between timezones that allows you to move between levels. It’s an alien sanctuary where you can restore your health, purchase items and take a breather and access the other levels in the game.

Aura Fleet (Working Title)

We’ve also been giving a bit of love to a small hyper-casual game we’re working on as a casual side project; a chess meets tower defence style space game where you play as a doomed civilisation under attack from a devastating machine race. You’ll need to keep a watch on your empire’s power production whilst you do, defending key production installations like power generation ships, factories, and Dyson-spheres.

You essentially protect as much of your solar system as you can until you become overwhelmed and the game ends. We’re aiming to push this before the end of the year as what we envisage to be a free to play game (although we haven’t settled on anything yet).

We’re applying a loose set of space physics to the game to simulate a more accurate rendition of space warfare (mostly because we’ve been watching The Expanse back to back during the lockdown, tbh). In Aura Fleet you’ll need to account for gravitational orbits when planning your defence, meaning sometimes the assets you want to rush to protect may be on an orbit that makes them more difficult to get to. But only in 2D dimensions, ain’t nobody got time for that (except y’know, NASA).

AG Out

Anyway, that’s all for now AG fans, stay safe during all this madness and we hope to be safely back outside soon. Until then, catch you later!

The AG Team

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