Multiplayer Confirmed

1/18/18 7:53:00 PM
Hey AG fans! We know, it's been a while. We can only apologise. The good news is we're making massive advancements with The Requiem Network! Feature Explosion Since we last spoke the game has exploded with features and graphical content. We've updated TRN's website page with our updated graphics so head over there and check it out. Just like everyRPG you know and love we now hav...
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5/24/17 6:51:00 PM
Hey AG fans! Welcome back to our dev blog! May has been a busy month for us with a few new reveals about our game and a lot of work. WEBSITE We’ve revamped our website banners to reflect the fact we’re now steaming ahead with production of The Requiem Network. With a few new reveals as well we’ve published a game page for The Requiem Network as well so you can get a bit more o...
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The Titanachamy

4/30/17 6:46:00 PM
Happy bank holiday weekend AG fans! This will be a short update as a lot of the development we’ve been doing has been more behind the scenes work this month. LEVEL 1 SCREENSHOTS Here are a few screenshots of the level 1 beta we’re working on at the moment. CRYO DECK The game begins aboard an Earthen spaceship, theTitanachamy's,cryo deck (cliché sci-fi game beginning, we k...
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The Artificial Dawn

3/20/17 7:42:00 PM
Hey AG fans! Long-time no blog! Kickstarter and The Matter King As you may have seen unfortunately we fell short of our Kickstarter target for The Matter King back in October, which was definitely disappointing for us. But in business you have to roll with the losses, so we’re not throwing in the towel yet. We did manage to hit £1,500 out of our target however, which was quite rewar...
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