Aura Games is a small independent games development company based in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Our focus is on combining retro and complex puzzle based platform games with a rich and immersive storyline. At Aura Games the story never ends.

The Story Never Ends

Before the advent of Steam or Xbox Live Arcade the very notion of starting an independent games development company was quite simply laughable. However, now the age of the “indie gamer” is upon us and daring programmers have access to the platforms that allow them to send their games to their target audiences without having to rely on multi-million pound backers. Today indie games such as Minecraft, FTL and Fez have stirred up perhaps more excitement than their “industrialised” counterparts.

Sometimes you have an idea that you think might be crazy, difficult or just commercially unviable. You ponder whether you have the skills, expertise or the drive to experience to put your idea in motion. Thinking about this can consume a great deal of your time, and often these hesitations lead to stalling or not following up on your projects. But sometimes you have to decide that enough is enough and commit to something, no matter how insane it sounds. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.

The two co-founders of Aura Games have been “professional video game testers” for a great deal of their lives and are extremely proud of what they have achieved in their “careers”. Having been something the two of them had been wanting to do for years, they decided that now was the time to draw their attention to production. Aura Games was born with a focus on combining retro arcade style games with a rich and engaging storyline. At Aura Games the storyline is just as important as the gameplay and we hope to produce diverse and complex games that entice our players into an immersive and engaging storyline.

Whilst we are currently a small business, we are also incredibly ambitious and hope to produce innovative and novel features within our games to produce challenging and enjoyable reactions to our end products. So follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates on our progress and keep an eye on our updates page for all the latest on the Aura Games journey. Unfortunately we don’t have much to share with you regarding our first game, codename requiem, other than that it is a space platform game with a rich storyline (the one we keep banging on about) with an interesting and novel twist on traditional platform gaming.

Welcome to Aura Games.

The Aura Games Team

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