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Kickstarter and The Matter King

As you may have seen unfortunately we fell short of our Kickstarter target for The Matter King back in October, which was definitely disappointing for us. But in business you have to roll with the losses, so we’re not throwing in the towel yet.

We did manage to hit £1,500 out of our target however, which was quite rewarding in itself, but due to feedback we received about the game in general we decided that quite a lot needed to be changed. As a result we decided we wanted to put the brakes on that project for the time being, and have recommenced development on our initial project, The Requiem Network.

We definitely plan to finish The Matter King at a later date, but unfortunately the support, and ultimately the funding to achieve what we wanted to achieve with that game, just weren’t there. We want to extend a massive thank you to all of our fans who backed us during The Matter King campaign. As a show of our thanks to those who backed The Requiem Network, when we publish The Requiem Network, we’ll sort you out with a free copy, and eventually The Matter King when we release it. We’ll reach out to backers once the game is published regarding this.


So, The Requiem Network is back on. Diehard AG fans will recall that The Requiem Network is the first game we began working on when we started in 2014. At the time we didn’t think we had the necessary skills to develop the game in the way we wanted to, but now we’re ready for it.

The Requiem Network is a time travelling platformer in which players will have the ability to travel between all 10 of the games’ levels, completing tasks in the future in order to progress in the past. Players control Jacob Bishop (picture on the right) and are able to travel between the past and the future through “Requiem Gates”, ancient mysterious machines that have stood silent for a millennia.

The appeal of the game is that the entire game is effectively one massive puzzle, continuously split over all 10 of the levels. Of course, there’s also a deep enriching AG storyline to back it up.

So what have 3 years of development produced for The Requiem Network? Our experience whilst creating The Matter King has definitely helped on this front, as now we feel we’ve really settled on an art style, which is the same ‘cut out’ style as our logo and other website artwork.

We’ve decided that the Requiem Network is going to be a 2D RPG with a levelling system. You know, because we’re indie. This really complements the time travel mechanism; sometimes you’ll need to battle enemies in the future to level up before you can take the fight to an area in the past.

We’re really excited to start showing off some of the screenshots because it’s beginning to look like a really smart indie dev game with some great lighting effects for a 2D game. For now, here’s a gif of the start screen.

We don’t want to speculate on a release date, but let’s aim for the end of the year or early 2018. In any event we’ll probably beat Rick and Morty season 3. Probably.

James 2

In an effort to get the game out of the door (one day, damn it) we’re pleased to say that James Privett has joined our team as a consultant C# developer to assist the development team in the creation of The Requiem Network. It’s great to have James’ support and it can only help us charge forwards towards the publication of the Requiem Network!

So hopefully our game will be out in a year! Year and a half… Maybe more…

The AG Team

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