Happy bank holiday weekend AG fans! This will be a short update as a lot of the development we’ve been doing has been more behind the scenes work this month.


Here are a few screenshots of the level 1 beta we’re working on at the moment.



The game begins aboard an Earthen spaceship, the Titanachamy's, cryo deck (cliché sci-fi game beginning, we know), which is relatively in darkness. Here are a few pictures of the opening moments.



Not as interesting as the other pictures but here’s the start screen for the game in all its glory.



We’ve tweaked around our HUD design a little bit, grouping all of the main information to the centre top of the screen, which displays the current HP, experience, current weapons and level. Dialogue is displayed on the bottom right and the current time zone on the bottom right. We’ve had some great feedback from Twitter about this change but would appreciate any other feedback!


We touched upon this briefly in our last blog, but one of the ways you’re able to travel through time in the Requiem Network are these jump pads. They allow travel between two fixed points between two levels. This means you’ll be access arears in the past from the future which may have been inaccessible on your first visit in the past. This is one of our time travel mechanics alongside the Requiem Gates – but more on those next month!


We’re in talks with a few game conventions across the UK and it’s looking incredibly likely that we’ll be attending some this year. We’ll be bringing a demo of the Requiem Network together with some merchandise with us so keep an eye on this space as we’ll hopefully be able to announce some dates and locations soon!

The AG Team

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