Hey AG fans! Welcome back to our dev blog! May has been a busy month for us with a few new reveals about our game and a lot of work.


We’ve revamped our website banners to reflect the fact we’re now steaming ahead with production of The Requiem Network.

With a few new reveals as well we’ve published a game page for The Requiem Network as well so you can get a bit more of a feel for what kind of features will be included in the game, namely our armour/weapon system (which we discuss below) and our ‘time ripple’ game mechanism. We’ve touched on this before, but essentially your actions in the past will have an effect on the future. Mess around too much in the past and you may find the future to be very different when you return to it.


We got a lot of interaction when we posted this on Twitter, but we’ve confirmed that the Requiem Network will feature an armour change system. This means you’ll be able to amass the technologies and armours of the past and future as you go, and customise Bishop accordingly. You can see a few examples below, but we’ll release more and more in due course.

We decided this was a feature we needed to have if we were going to class this game as an RPG. Plus character customisation is something that makes a player’s experience individual, even in a small way, so it was quite important for us to get this in there. We’re hoping to create a massive amount of variations so you can save the world looking as formidable, or adorable, as you like.

Weapons are fairly straightforward, you have a ranged weapon and a melee weapon. Ranged weapons require ammunition to fire whereas melee weapons just get the job done themselves. Simple.


Not to spoil anything, but in level one Bishop’s ship is attacked and invaded by a group of terrifying machines (these guys below). The first half of level one essentially ends up being a bit of a war defending the ship. You’ll be up against soldiers, drones, tanks and other nightmares…

Next month we should have our combat system at a stage where we can show you some in game footage. Then we’ll hopefully do a vlog, but bear with us as a lot of what we’re doing is background stuff so the game isn’t exactly presentable for video content at the moment!


We’ve also redesigned AXIS slightly, the lovable and sarcastic AI drone that follows Bishop throughout the game and works as a sort of storyteller. Plus now you can hit him around and shoot at him if he ends up getting too sarcastic.



We’re hoping to get our merch store back up at some point, so if you’re a diehard AG fan or want to support The Requiem Network you can kit out your wardrobe in AG dedication. Like this incredible limited edition AG hat for example.*

That’s all for this month! Hopefully we’ll have some video content to share with you all soon! Until next time!

The AG Team

*Hat purely for comical purposes. Probably…

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