Hey AG fans! We know, it's been a while. We can only apologise. The good news is we're making massive advancements with The Requiem Network!

Feature Explosion

Since we last spoke the game has exploded with features and graphical content. We've updated TRN's website page with our updated graphics so head over there and check it out.

Just like every RPG you know and love we now have a fully functioning inventory system, meaning you're no longer restricted to carrying one weapon at a time. Bishop can now carry up to 24 weapons at once within AXIS' data core. Additionally there is space for 24 armour pieces and 100ish (TBC) general items.

We now have five different weapon classes, assault rifles, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and melee weapons. All weapons (except melee) fire with a universal ammunition, plasma, which is stored within AXIS' data banks and is found scattered throughout the game.

We've also added a few new augmentations, including time distortion effects like time slow and time rewind to tie in with the time travel mechanics of the game. You can find these scattered across the game, but not easily (obviously). Also, we have jetpacks. Well, not jetpacks exactly, more like spacial distorters that allow flight, but the end result is the same. And they're awesome.

Data Modules have become our in game currency and can be used to purchase weaponry/armour and also open chests. Chests provide HP/EXP/Weapons/Armour. How many Data Modules a chest is opened by depends on the chest in question. Keys are found scattered around and also in return for completing quests (which may be a DLC introduction). We hate micro-transactions in games, so rest assured keys can never be bought using real money; you'll have to find them in game rather than pay to obtain them (though we're always open to bribes if you really can't be bothered).

Of course we've also adopted a classic RPG feature, level collectables. Each level will have a number of items Bishop needs to recover. Completing these mini-missions will result in rewards like achievements/weaponry and armour, but will not be easy to do.

Multiplayer Confirmed

"Back in our day" we loved games that had great local multiplayer, so creating a game with multiplayer functionality has always been an important goal for us. It's becoming rare these days that you can co-op a game without having more than one console, TV and online subscription (unless you're a PC gamer amirite?).

Therefore we're pleased to announce that TRN will support up to 4 player local co-op play throughout the campaign. Just pick up a second controller, hit start and boom, another player joins your team. However, all enemies will be given a stats multiplier as well, effectively upping whichever difficulty you're playing the game on. We wouldn't want to make things easy for you.

All additional players are holograms created by AXIS, meaning you can cycle through various alternative player skins. We plan to have the three pictured here for launch.

We're focusing on the campaign, but intend to have a player vs player module at launch as well so that you can battle it out against one another as well as cooperatively. More on that later though.


With the developments we've made after the last few months we will be bringing TRN to multiple platforms, starting with PC. We will then aim to deploy to android devices, followed by consoles and iOS. Due to boring legal reasons we can't discuss what consoles yet, but more on this to come later.

What have we been up to?

This month we've been doing a lot of behind the scene stuff like the AI that controls our enemies. We've also been finishing off the first part of level 1 and creating new level 1 weapons.

Follow us on social media to see our #screenshotsaturday posts for the latest updates!

Beta Launch

We're hoping to get an early test version of the game out to you around September, so keep your eyes glued to our Twitter and Facebook pages for this as we'll announce it on there. It's very likely to be a public download beta rather than a Steam early access kinda thing. We're planning on exhibiting the game at a few conventions this year so watch this space.

Well that's all for this month. We're going to try and be more consistent with our dev blog from now on, particularly as we're now at the stage of development where we're starting to produce interesting content to show you.

Until next time!

The AG Team

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