Hey AG fans! It’s been a big month of graphic production for us, so plenty for us to show off!

Time Travel!

We've implemented the requiem jump pads, that permit travel between time zones (the levels), with some pretty hardcore effects. Just jump on the jump pad, hold Y and boom, you’re instantly transported to a new time zone without the need for a delorean and a flux capacitor (although we’re working on it).

Dungeon Crawler-ness

As the Requiem Network is a 2D RPG, sci-fi, time travelling dungeon crawler (yeah, it’s a thing), we’re working on randomising the weapon strength and enemy stats so that every playthrough will be different. This means even if you pick up two copies of the same weapon each one will have different statistics. Equally it means hordes of enemies will be different strengths on each play through or encounter.

Level 4, 5 and screenshots

You'll have seen from our twitter that levels 4, 5 and 6 are taking shape. We're very excited about level 4, which is our underwater level; we're working on some pretty cool underwater effects and won’t be showing too much of it off until it’s looking perfect!

Level 7, 8 and 9

The assets for the remaining levels are well on their way to being finished this month, and all being well and good we’ll be able to show them off in their full glory next month.

Level 7 takes place on a desert world bathed in radiation from the proximity of a star. A crashed ship can be seen in the background, and sections of its destroyed corridors can be found embedded within the sand, offering pitch black places to hide from the star’s rays.

Level 8 takes place on an ice world mid-blizzard and level 9 takes place on a science outpost in the milky way.

New HUD/Inventory

We've put the finishing touches on our new HUD, which gives players a much cleaner view of the action. We've also cracked in a few shaders to make it look a bit retro/steam punky.

We've also finished the main and weapon inventory screen, from which players can store and select the items they've collected throughout the requiem network.


At launch we're aiming to have four levels of difficulty for the campaign, easy (enemies are below average), normal (the default), hardcore (where enemies are above average) and insane (enemies are given a horrendously unfair advantage). We're not even sure you can actually complete the game on insane (we're not having much luck) but there’s an achievement for doing so.

Additionally, multiplayer will add in its own difficulty multiplier every time another player joins the game (up to a maximum of 4). Basically, it sounds like 4 player multiplayer on insane mode is going to be one hell of a challenge.


Unfortunately it looks like the trailer may be pushed back a few months - we don’t want to show off gameplay until we’re 100% happy that it will go down well! However we’re now planning on holding AuraCon on 30 September 2018 and also appear at the October London ComicCon. We’ll be exhibiting our beta version of the game at both of these events, so if you’re around, come by and see us!

That’s all for this month! Check back with us next month for more updates on our dev process!

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